Equity Celgene vs REITs "Gemini", who can resist carbon neutral semiconductor consumption?

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Equity Celgene vs REITs "Gemini", who can resist carbon neutral semiconductor consumption?

In the first week of late September, Celgene’s issuance cooled down, and the number of issuances was directly cut in half. This is directly related to the "disappearance" of hybrid funds from the issuance list. However, "the east is not bright and the west is bright", and the industry track funds and alternative funds are still shining brightly: the most popular "single product" REITs funds during the year, from a single hot sale to a pair of pairs, seem to be challenging the market. capacity. The "new works" issued by well-known equity fund managers are also constantly being released; among the stars, it is not easy to guess the winner of September. Who can "stand out" in the changing situation in September?

0 hybrid funds

According to the statistics of Choice, 14 new funds will enter the issuance process in the coming week (September 19-September 23). From the perspective of investment types, equity funds still account for more than half, but the once popular hybrid funds have disappeared. In the new week (September 19-September 23), there are 4 stock funds, 3 FOF funds, 5 bond funds and 2 REITs funds. The stock funds issued this time are all industry track-type funds; the three FOF funds are not unique, and one is a three-year pension FOF, that is, the Yingda Yanfu pension target

The three major track-type new foundations are hotly entering the game.

Not many in number, but rich in variety. As a hot track, semiconductors took the lead in winning a seat. On September 19, Xingye Digital Economy Preferred Stock A managed by Liao Huanhuan entered the issuance process. In addition, the continued issuance of carbon-neutral track funds is noteworthy. On September 22, the Huaan CSI Shanghai Huan Stock Exchange Carbon Neutral Index managed by Liu Xuanzi and Su Qingyun was officially issued. The week before (September 12-September 16), Guolian's Climate Change Responsible Investment Mix managed by Pan Ming was put on sale. On September 29, Yongying Low-Carbon Environmental Protection Smart Selection Mixed Initiation A, managed by Zhang Lu, will also enter the issuance process. In other words, the carbon neutral track fund will be issued for at least three weeks. The other two track funds are relatively rare in the issuance market in the past month, namely the consumer track fund and the mining track fund. Among them, the GF CSI Consumer Staples ETF managed by Yao Xi is planned to be issued on September 19, with a subscription period of 9 days; the Cathay CSI Nonferrous Metals Mining ETF managed by Xu Chengcheng is planned to be issued on September 21, with a subscription period of more than three weeks , for 24 days. More importantly, which track will "stand out" in September?

REITs "Gemini" strikes

From September 19th to 20th, Guotai Junan will launch two new REITs in succession, which can be said to have launched a "Gemini" combination for alternative funds. One of them is the first domestic public offering REITs for standard factory industrial parks issued on September 19 - Guotai Junan Lingang Innovation Industrial Park REIT, and the other is Guotai Junan Dongjiu New Economy REIT issued on September 20. Up to now, the offline inquiry results of the two REITs funds have been released. The subscription price of Lingang Innovation Industrial Park REIT is 4.12 yuan/unit, and the subscription price of Dongjiu New Economy REIT is 3.035 yuan/unit. Calculated on the basis of the 200 million offering shares, the total amount of funds raised is expected to be 824 million yuan and 607 million yuan respectively (excluding subscription fees and interest generated by the subscription funds during the raising period). So far, Guotai Junan has issued three REITs funds. Zhangjiang Guangdayuan REIT has also been issued before. REITs funds have made significant efforts in the third quarter, often appearing in the form of "grouping" of funds of the same type, such as the previous rental REITs funds, but it is rare that multiple funds are launched by the same company. So, how likely is it that the REITs fund that will become the "sweet pastry" in the issuance market will dominate the list in September?

Yuan Xi releases the second new base of the year

On September 26, Yuan Xi will release the new base - Galaxy Value Growth Mix A. This is the second new fund released by Yuan Xi, a young star of the Galaxy, during the year. On March 17, she began her role as Gold Manager of the Galaxy Research Select Blend. Since taking over the Galaxy Steady Mix of Qian Ruinan, the "evergreen tree" of the Galaxy on March 5, 2021, Yuan Xi's figure has become more and more active. As of September 18, her tenure return on the fund was 5.22%, which the market considered "withstood the test." She said in the outlook section of Galaxy's steady semi-annual report that there are two directions for future allocation: one is to maintain a high degree of prosperity or the direction in which the degree of prosperity is expected to improve marginally: including photovoltaics, new energy vehicles, automotive intelligence and wealth management, etc.; Investment opportunities brought about by post-pandemic recovery. Whether the new young player can firmly walk out of his own style and achieve performance is an interesting topic that will take time to give. This article is from Wall Street News, welcome to download the APP to see more
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