Today, A shares shrink and fluctuate, tomorrow, market analysis

time:2022-12-09 author:Individual stock analysis
Today, A shares shrink and fluctuate, tomorrow, market analysis

Introduction: Today, A shares are shrinking and fluctuating. Tomorrow, market conditions will be analyzed.

Today, A shares are experiencing shrinking and fluctuating markets. The three major indexes opened lower in early trading. After leaving, it continued to fluctuate slightly throughout the day. The overall atmosphere of the market is similar to that of yesterday, but the market style still maintains the original plate rotation style. However, compared with last week's A-share market, it has been much better. Judging from the trend of A-shares in the past two days, A-shares have basically stopped falling and stabilized. In the current position of A-shares, technically aside, there has been good news in the past two days, and A-shares are expected to rise. This week, A-shares have ushered in good news for two consecutive trading days. First, the central bank lowered the reserve ratio, and second, it improved the new nationwide system for tackling key core technologies. Under the influence of these two pieces of good news, we do not worry that A shares will not rise. On the basis of loose monetary policy, A-shares have added more efforts to tackle key technologies in core technology. As long as A-shares have a basis for rising, don't lose their chips easily.

Today, A-shares are shrinking and fluctuating

Today, A-shares as a whole are experiencing a shrinking and fluctuating market. The market sentiment has been better reversed, at least allowing investors to see vitality. This week's A-share market did not continue to fall and grind people's temperament like last week. Instead, it continued to counterattack, giving the market new hope. It is normal for the A-share market to shrink and fluctuate today. After all, after a mid-to-long Yang line in the A-share market yesterday, the long-term funds have to reorganize the team to prepare for the subsequent rebound. The market has already stood on the 20-day moving average, just wait patiently for the rebound, and the next step will be to move towards the 60-day line near 3280. Of course, today's A-share shrinkage is related to the outflow of northbound funds. The net outflow of northbound funds today is 1.8 billion, which has brought certain pressure to the rise of A-shares. However, today's net outflow of northbound funds is only a drop in the bucket compared to the previous inflow, and has little impact on A shares. In the early stage, the northbound funds were all 8 billion, and the inflow of tens of billions was only 1.8 billion today. Can we understand that the northbound funds are not washing the market? Therefore, in the face of today's A-share shrinking and shocks and the outflow of northbound funds, there is no need to panic at all, just wait patiently for A-shares to counterattack.

Tomorrow, market analysis

Today, A-shares are shrinking and fluctuating. There is still hope for A-shares to continue to rebound tomorrow. Good expectations can also ensure the safety of A shares for three trading days. Therefore, A shares are expected to continue to rebound tomorrow. At present, the support of the A-share market is near the 20-day moving average of 3246 points, and the pressure is near the 60-day moving average of 3280 points. Tomorrow, the market is expected to continue to challenge the 60-day moving average of 3280 points. However, it doesn't matter, the bottom of the "W" has been formed under the market, and even stepping back is an opportunity to buy low. In the medium and long term, the broader market is expected to continue to challenge the pressure near the annual line of 3380, and there is still more room for a rebound. Therefore, low-level industry sectors and individual stocks can be patiently held until they rise, and don't blindly chase up and down during intraday trading. Today, there is a phenomenon on the A-share market. I wonder if you have noticed it? It is the impact of the trend of technology stocks on the index. When technology stocks surged in early trading, the broader market also rose; when technology stocks fell in intraday trading, the broader market also fell; in late trading, technology stocks strengthened slightly, and the broader market followed suit. We can see that technology stocks have a very strong influence on the broader market index, so whether technology stocks can continue to strengthen tomorrow is also related to whether the broader market index can continue to strengthen. Based on the above analysis, we can conclude that the market index is safe, and the key lies in whether technology stocks can sustain a rebound. If technology stocks can go out of continuity, the pressure on the 60-day moving average of the broader market will not be a big problem tomorrow, and the broader market will head towards the annual line of 3380 points. If the disk of A shares is still in a rotating state tomorrow, the target of 3380 points will span a longer period. It is hoped that tomorrow the A-share large-cap index will be able to cross the pressure near the 60-day moving average in heavy volume, and the market's confidence will come out, and the market's rising market will also come. Lie down! The holdings are waiting to rise, maybe there are still a few daily limits! The above views are only for reference and exchange, please pay attention and help, like and recommend, everyone invests smoothly!
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